Brief Introduction of Management School in Hainan University
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The Management School of Hainan University was founded in 2019, whose former was School of Economics and Management in Hainan University composed by its School of Economics and School of Management and originated fromthe major of Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management in 1980. The College adheres to the Strategy of establishing disciplines, strengthening talents, opening up colleges and managing institutions by system, which bases on the establishment of business administration subjects and doctoral programs.The college spare no efforts to promote thecross-integration and development of multi-managementsubjects.Based itself in Hainan, the college widens its view, serve the key industries and try its best to become a first-class School of Management which is international known with specific characteristics.

At present, there are over 100 full-time teachers, including 20 professors and 51associate professors. The teacher team covers 90 ones withdoctoral degreesand master's degrees, making up 90.9% of thefull-time teachers, many of whom have overseas study or visit experience.Now, 23 teachers have titles of provincial and ministerial talents or above, including national candidatesof the new century talents project, experts enjoyingspecial allowances from the State Council, excellent provincial experts, outstanding talents in Hainan and leaders from Hainan province.The full-time teachers in the college have formed a teacher team with reasonable age structure, professional structure, high academic level and academic influence.

Over the past five years, the college has presided over 33 national research projects accounting for 17.18 million as research funds; has published over 50 academic monographs, and over 160 papers in some important academic journals both at home and abroad, such as SCI, SCI, CSSCI. 11 scientific research achievements have been awarded provincial excellent second-class prize and above as the main achievements of the college teachers.In addition, the School of Management has also held eight national academic conferences in the past five years, including General meeting of the professional education advisory committee for business administration and the concluding meeting of the department of management of the national natural science foundation of China.Many teachers have attended academic conferences indoors and overseas and also made presentations, which has gradually formed a certain influence in the domestic academic circles.

At present, there is a doctor's degree programforfirst-level disciplines of business administration, and threemaster's degreeprogramsfor first-level disciplines of business administration, agricultural and forestry economic management, management science and engineering.In addition, the business administration is the key subject with Hainan characteristics as the only doctoral program ofeconomic managementin Hainan province, which wasassessed as Grade Bin the fourth subjects by Ministry of Education. The college also possesses master's degreeprograms covering MBA, MPAcc , andMA(Rural Development and Agricultural Management), as well as eightundergraduate majors, such asbusiness management, human resources management, marketing, accounting, financial management, agricultural and forestry economic management, information management and information system, and logistics management.It has gradually formed a teaching and scientific and research training system of“the integration of undergraduate, master and doctor”.

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